Survman: Fear School. Horror Game

Icon Survman: Fear School. Horror Game
Category: Games
Developer: WildGamesNet
Latest Version: 1.07 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Download Survman: Fear School. Horror Game on Android, you immediately find yourself in an incredible post-apocalyptic horror. No laws, no morals work here, nothing, you just need to survive. After a terrible fire in some secret laboratory, a terrible virus escaped into freedom. A huge number of people, as well as animals, turned into a zombie at one moment.

In this world, incredible chaos and ruin immediately occurred. In addition, marauders, terrible murderers who are not averse to profit, are mad in these parts. You have only one main task, to save your grandmother, who was trapped. Then you must get to a safe zone and the mission will be completed.

Your hero will be a guy named Mason. He is a former policeman, but recently worked in prison. He woke up in a local hospital and was horrified. There was no light around, everything was scattered and the corpse of the patient lay nearby. The guy jumps up from this horror and can not understand what happened. The corridor is empty and there is no one around, only then he realizes that something terrible has happened around. He does not have time to understand something, there is only one thing, you need to find a granny and save her if she is still alive.

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