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Latest Version:1.2.9
Last Updated On:22.01.2020
Android Required‎:4.1+
Download Let’s Worm to android, the most important thing is that your worm does not have to be like a sausage. This means that we must rush headlong, but do not get caught by your enemy. Run where your eyes look, crawl in all directions, but stay alive. Something terrible happened, because the bride of our hero was stolen by an evil mole.

You become a superworm, which is also very angry and set off on your interesting adventure. The only pity is that the worm sees poorly, and the entire screen is covered with pixels. Most recently, our hero was all right with his eyesight, but now he was terribly unlucky. As it turned out, no one really knows.

The worst thing is that the moles have dangerous cannons, terrible forks and much more than they will defend. Our little worm can only evade all this, but pass through numerous obstacles. This world of arcade will be difficult for him, but you need to do everything possible to get to your girlfriend.

You will have to complete all 30 levels with him, which will turn out to be quite difficult. A large number of enemies who can be around every corner and spoil the worm mood. Despite even this, you simply must fulfill the main goal and our main character will meet with his bride.

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