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Latest Version:2.0
Last Updated On:27.05.2019
Android Required‎:2.3+
The character of the game is located behind a barricade of stone and barbed wire, and to the right of the base, groups of zombies begin to approach, headed by a special mutant. But he does not even move and does not react to the hero, since he is only needed as a source of the main gaming resource - the zombie mutagen. It's time to break into the battle and download Zombie is coming to Android.

By clicking on the leader, the user will receive a certain amount of valuable ingredient, equal to the damage done. Accumulating resource reserves, you can improve the skills of the character and allies, as well as increase their level.

Helping the hero will also be a faithful dog that can be sent for exploration. For 20 minutes, he runs around the surrounding areas, and then he can lead one of the survivors, or drag useful items, such as a generator, with which you can use energy to protect and light.

To destroy the Boss to the end, you must accumulate a lot of zombie mutagens and cause an air strike, after which an even more terrifying super-mutant will appear.

Of course, two-dimensional graphics in the game are not the most pleasant. It seems as if not much time was spent developing time. Nevertheless, the other advantages indicate that you should definitely download Zombie is coming for Android.

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