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Developer: Google LLC
Latest Version: 5.1.9_RC06 update 3 days ago
System: Android 4.1+
Google Play Books is the official Google app that gives the user access to a huge collection of bestsellers and novelties from famous writers. In addition, here you can find a lot of books from lovers, who may also like the user. To make reading these works comfortable and convenient, you can customize Google Play Books for yourself by setting the perfect font for the text, its size, as well as many other parameters. Also in the application there are several modes, for example, smartphone mode and tablet mode. They have already set the most appropriate settings for different types of devices. What features does this application provide? First, the ability to read books in offline mode. After downloading a specific publication to your device, you can open it in your own library, even if you do not have access to the Internet. Secondly, the developers added the ability to create bookmarks at the points where reading was stopped, which is very convenient.

If you need to select a thought from a book or add a small note to it in the form of a footnote, you can do it with special features that Google Play Books provides on Android. Of course, design also plays a special role in book reading applications. One of the features is a 3D effect during page turning, which gives the impression that you are reading this book.

A convenient synchronization system with all devices will allow you to start reading on your computer, and continue it on your way to work using for this smartphone or tablet. Of course, all notes and footnotes are also synchronized between your devices, which gives you full access to books from any gadget. Google Play Books is a great app for real book readers with an incredibly large collection.

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