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Category: Games
Developer: Arclite Systems
Latest Version: 11.8 update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+
Download Spot it: Find the Difference for Android, have to go back to the world of differences and find a large number of them in almost identical pictures. In the end, you have to find only 5 differences, but even this number will be difficult to realize. The pictures are very similar to each other, but you have to try and find all these differences.

This project will be something completely new and very interesting for children. It has long been popular when there were no computers and modern gadgets. Even at that time, people spent hours on these pictures, looked for differences and simply spent their time superbly.

Recently, this project has become very popular, and it develops not only memory, but also special attention for each child. Children really like these games, they really test this application. It remains only to compare these two pictures, find all the differences and enjoy the result.

There are subjects of animals, plants and others that players will definitely like. This is a really educational project that will be interesting for each family member. It remains only to gain courage and embark on an incredible adventure.

Download Spot it: Find the Difference

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