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Pokemon GO is an online game about Pokemon, tightly connected with geographical location. The game was developed by Niantic Studio, with Nintendo.

Pokemon GO. Primary Popularity

A series of cartoons about Pokemon shook the entire youth of the time of the 80-90th heads, it was then that the idea of ​​Pokemon became quite popular. Logos and the animals themselves appeared more and more often in cartoons and shops. Many played with chips, with images of those Pokemon. Since that time, an entire era has gone. At the moment, these children of the time of the 80s and 90s are already full age, but they still remember their childhood, partly associated with the cute animals, created by the Japanese company Nintendo. And now, after a fair amount of time, the Pokemon theme became popular again, thanks to the release of the game Pokemon GO, which rallied all the "old" and new fans of animals. The game became extremely popular in the summer of 2016 at the very moment of its release. Pokemon GO is designed for the summer period, so the number of players in autumn and in winter is much less than in sunny summer.

Pokemon GO. Game process.

The main task of the game is to catch all possible Pokemon by any means. And to catch them you must first find. They are located in different places of the city where the player lives. Thanks to its compatibility with GPS, a player can move on the game screen and catch Pokémon. The system reads the number of steps and the direction to which the player is going. As a rule, Pokemon appear in places where players periodically walk, therefore it is better to search for them in places with high traffic.

As in the cartoon, Pokemon GO has different types of Pokemon, for example, water, grass, electric and so on. For all types of pokemon corresponds to the world around, that is, to find a grass Pokémon in any forest is much more than in the stone jungle. Such a logical connection is fashionable to hold with any kind of these creatures.

Pokemon GO. Pokestop.
So, in order to catch a Pokémon, a pokeball is needed, and preferably two. You can collect them from special places - pokostopov. Pokestopes are displayed on the game card in the form of a blue rhombus, if you walk up to it and click, a photo of the player’s location will open, and if you scroll through the photo, pokeballs, various flasks with the "right" substances and pokemon eggs will fall out of this pokestop. As a rule, buildings, infrastructure facilities and various monuments become significant for a city.

Pokemon GO. Incubators and eggs.
As was said, the eggs fall out of pokestop. In the eggs are still "germ" by all your favorite pokemon. To hatch them you need to put them in an incubator and walk a certain distance, after which the treasured egg will hatch with a no less noticeable pokemon. Eggs are divided into two kilometers, five kilometers and ten kilometers. From the 2-kilometer drop out of the usual first stage pokemon. But there are exceptions in the form of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtla and others. But in more frequent cases, players drop out absolutely worthless Pokemon, apparently, this is fate. Of the 5-kilometer-long eggs, pokemons fall out more rarely, which means they are stronger. And out of the 10-kilometer long, very, very rare Pokemons hatch; it is even possible to get the legendary Pokemon from a 10-kilometer egg. But even in such prestigious eggs second-rate pokemons come across, so do not flatter yourself.

Pokemon GO. Outcome
Pokemon GO game can really take people to the street, which other games are not able to do. The very theme of Pokemon and everything connected with them was revived by the appearance of this game. But popularity passes. And at the moment, the game is played by far fewer users than at the time the game was released. Perhaps the reason is winter, and perhaps developers should think about their game and bring something new into it.

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