Rabbit in the Moon

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Category: Games
Developer: DEVFLOOR
Latest Version: 1.1.98 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 3+
Size: 95 Mb

Rabbit in the Moon is a new Android strategy game which has been developed for people who are interested in turn-based games or JRPG. This game talks about Lunhare a very rabbit who’s on an adventurous mission. He has to go and rebuild the Holy Land of Eternity which is in the moon. Now unless he finishes this mission, there’ll be no rest for him. So your role in this awesome game is to help the poor rabbit get through this mission no matter what.

This game is one of the best mind thinking games ever developed. You’ve to think strategical and find out solutions to each problem that acts as a hindrance to you finishing this mission. Play your roles well, settle down and use your mind to your best capacity. Trust me, with a strong determination, you and this rabbit get to overcome every circumstances which will in turn help you in winning each given levels/missions.

Rabbit in the Moon has got a very great 3D game graphics and also with an amazing and interesting gameplay mode. The controls are quite cool been put in easy to make-out places so you can quick and easily use them. This game is surely a rare gem in among strategic games. You’ll surely love playing this awesome and addictive game once you’ve downloaded and installed it. The missions are great and very appealing. Let’s see the exquisite features of this game.

Rabbit in the Moon Game Features

🐰Intense PvP Battles – You do get to do PvP battles in this game. That means you can play against your friends and either defeat them in battles or you get defeated yourself. Mind you, these battles are meant for you to use strategic mindsets to overcome. You’ve to be able to think fast and act fast.

🐰Use Items from Pandora’s Box – There’s Pandora’s Box, from which you’ll take out and use very useful items that would give you the more chance to beat your enemies and repair whatever you’ve to repair. These items range from weapons, to healing kits, to protective shields and also items to fasten your work.

🐰Collect Heroes – With every level pass through, you’ve got a chance of unlocking and collecting more awesome rabbit heroes whom will be of really great help to you. Use them in more harder levels as you advance forward and surely victory would be yours in every given mission.

🐰Build your Kingdom – You can also build a great kingdom for yourself. You’ll fortify this kingdom with many useful things and build a great army of rabbit. But to do this, you must earn lots of rewards of coins which you would use to achieve this great thing. More winnings will be able to help you acquire the wealth for this.

Bored with repetitive automatic battles? Tired of complex and difficult strategy games? Then what are you waiting for? Join the adventures of Lunhare, the world’s strongest rabbit and rebuild the ruined Holy Land of Eternity with 150+ awesome heroes. Download Rabbit in the Moon now!

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