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Sky Rusher is a game that will take you traveling through space and time on a spacecraft designed uniquely. This game is the latest release from Voodoo, probably they never have to worry about the lack of ideas when they can create unique products with little things and simple, seem like nonsense. In the game you just have to touch the screen to help the spacecraft fly up, down, or turn left, right. Because obstacles will appear in any way, you need to constantly maintain your elevation and momentum moving to be ready for any situation.

Your mission in this game is simple, control the flying ship in an endless tunnel. The game features many obstacles in this tunnel with various bizarre shapes, but there are still loopholes to overcome. If you want to score more points or simply complete the level, you need to move skillfully, walk through the obstacles to reach the time gate, exit the tunnel. This is your only chance to get out of this “prison”, so you need to be careful. Only a small collision, the ship will be broken and the game will end.

Increasingly, ships are moving faster, obstacles appear more so you difficult to control the spacecraft. Don’t give up. The core of this game is your ingenuity and reflexes. To get to the end, you have to be patient, master the navigation and most importantly be ready to receive defeat. After playing multiple times, you will have experience and will play better. Talking is easier than doing, especially when there are many mysterious obstacles behind the fog that you can hardly recognize, and when you realize it is too late. If you lose, just click to Play Again and continue the journey in Sky Rusher.

Sky Rusher Game Features

  • Advanced HD Graphics: This game has been developed with an awesome graphics that would make the game be like it’s the real thing. Your space ships looks so real you’ll feel you’re already in one.
  • Additive Gameplay: Sky Rusher has got an interesting and additive gameplay that would keep players in this game for long. You wouldn’t want to stop playing this game as long as you keep getting through stages.
  • Lots of Spaceships: This game has been packed with a lot of spaceships you can choose from to to drive in space. The spaceships added in this game would keep you in confusion of choosing one because they’re all so amazing.

Are you ready to travel in space? Then what are you waiting for? Go download Sky Rusher and get flying your spaceship through time and in space. How far can you go?.. Avoid obstacles and go as far as you can in high speed tunnel.

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