Hay Day v1.40.98 Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds) Download for Android

Hay Day Mod Apk

Hay Day Mod Apk is a social management casual game where players take charge of a farm that’ll require all their attention and skill to run correctly. Players must plant different crops in their field and then harvest them. To do this you just use your fingertips to slide elements across the screen. With similar controls you can interact with farm animals (each with its own personality), or go fishing in the lake. Hay Day Mod Apk starts with a scarecrow teaching the player about harvesting crops. By selling goods, the player earns coins that will help you in production of buildings, decoration items, experience points and also use them to level up in the game.

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As in most social games, Hay Day lets you trade with your friends from Facebook and other social networks. You can swap crops, make changes, and basically negotiate on almost any element in the game. Another of Hay Day’s strengths is the high level of detail and multiple customization options that you get on your farm. You can create totally unique farms and invite your Facebook friends to work them for a season. Players form into “neighbourhoods” in which members can assist each other when in need and can use a chat function. This game will let you stick with it for hours because of it’s addictive gameplay.

Hay Day Mod Apk Features

❣ Grow and Customize your Farm – Don’t lazy around. Get to work and start growing your farm now. Build and design it your taste for the betterment of good growing crops and healthy livestock. Build one of the best mobile game farms ever.

❣ Trade Crops and Fresh Goods with Neighbors and Friends through your Very own Roadside Shop – Harvest your crops now and begin to sell to other people (your friends and neighbors specifically) so you can earn more money to improve your farm more for better produce.

❣ Fulfill Orders with your Truck and Even by Steamboat – Get your vehicles intact for transporting goods to people who ordered for them. Also send them through water if that’s the only way to get to your buyers. With accurate orders fulfilled, more customers will troop in for your goods.

❣ Repair your Dock and Cast your Lure to Fish the Waters – Fix your boats and nets and get into the water to catch some fishes which you can also sell to the people who needs them. Make sure your dock is well mended so fishes can’t escape. You can also eat those fishes whenever you get hungry.

❣ Build your own Town and Welcome Visitors – Now when the farming and livestock business has boomed well for you, as you’re now rich, you get to building your own town where visitors can come anytime. You can also entertain these visitors and turn them into potential customers.

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Hay Day is a fun and nice looking social game, and while it offers nothing particularly new, it does allow users to enjoy a familiar and well-refined gameplay. What are you waiting for?? Download Hay Day Mod Apk now and build a great farm.

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